Get inspiration for your stay, unique  hotels, holiday homes and more

Unique accommodation

Get inspiration for your stay, unique hotels, holiday homes and more

Where would you like to stay when you're here?

Here you will find many different possibilities for accommodation in the Limfjord area. You will find hotels, inns, camping sites, Bed and Breakfasts, holiday homes and more. All of the accommodations are located near the Limfjord or in the surrounding areas or cities. 

Welcome to the Limfjord and the surrounding region.


Unique hotels with view of the fjord

Find a hotel that suits your interests direcly next to the water or close to the city.

Greatest campsites on the waterfront

Campsites in the Limfjord area are located in the most scenic areas and next to water, perfect for an early morning swim.

Stay like Danes - Holiday homes

They are an extremely popular holiday form amongst Danes, and most of the holiday homes in the Limfjord area tend to be located near water.

Bed and Breakfast

Bed and breakfasts give you the chance to experience unique and intimate Danish settings.

  • Minivacation - Shellfish-school and harbor atmosphere - From the 14th to the 16th of September 2017 (Sallingsund Færgekro)

    The biggest wooden ship sailing event in Scandinavia is coming to Mors on the 14th of september 2017. Come down and see around 60 beautiful wooden ships berth at the quay of Nykøbing harbor. The harbor is transformed into a lively marketplace, tempting with foods, exhibits, tombolas and entertainment. On Friday, you can become your own star chef for a night at the Shellfish school of Dansk Skaldyrcenter. 2-nights stay at Sallingsund Færgekro incl. breakfast and a menu at Dansk Skaldyrcenter. Price per person in a double bedroom: DKK 1190,- (minimum 2 persons).
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  • Driving around the Limfjord in 4 days

    Driving around the Limfjord in 4 days With a view of the Limfjord and the sea, the route takes you past many of the historic landmarks, natural experiences and family-friendly attractions that the Limfjord area can offer. It is always possible to make a detour to see more of the beautiful landscape and enjoy its free pleasures. 3 nights with breakfast in good hotels; and 1 ticket to a Limfjord storie and 1 ticket to a Mors storie. Price per person if 2 people in double room: € 262,-.
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  • Fishing adventure at the isle of Mors / Limfjord

    Fishing adventure at the isle of Mors / Limfjord The Limfjord is the perfect fishing ground for anglers but remember the fishing trip depends on your catch itself. The nature experience, the tranquility, the camaraderie and the well-being are something that you get with on top of it. We offer for example an accommodation at Morsø Friluftcenter, where the freshly caught fish will be prepared together with the host at the hut. If there will be no catch, the host has will do the shopping for dinner. Your accommodation at Morsø Friluftscenter gives many opportunities, for example it is possible to rent a Dinghy, so you can go fishing on the Limfjord. Another option is to buy “Snorkeling Trip” with a guide and maybe catch a lobster for dinner (min. 2 persons – max. 6 persons).
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