near Limfjorden


The best surf spots

The Limfjord is an ideal place for windsurfing, kitesurfing and stand up paddling. There are great surfing conditions at Glyngøre, Skive Fjord, Hjarbæk Fjord, Virksund, Venø, Handbjerg Marina and Ejsing Beach.These spots are both for beginners and experienced surfers.

Are you a beginner?

The surfing spot by Virksund at Hjarbæk Fjord is ideal for beginners. The area is rather narrow and you are always close to land. Venø is also a great place for beginners as the zone is protected. The eastern beach at Handbjerg Marina is favorable as the water is not very deep and in addition the current is not to fear.

Ejsing Beach which is the most popular spot for windsurfers and kitesurfers, is a good beginner spot because of the low and calm water level. For the experienced surfers Ejsing Beach is favourable due to the west wind.

For the experienced surfer

Skive Fjord is a great place for the best windsurfers. The challenging wind conditions makes it a place where only the best sailors unfold. The strong wind at the sport at Glyngøre makes it attractive for experienced surfers. In addition, the powerful west wind at Handbjerg Marina makes it possible for experienced surfers to do spectacular tricks.