near Limfjorden


Experience the great nature, local produce, fjord and culture of the Limfjord area in the spring, and give in to the beautiful surroundings and quiet of the Limfjord. On this page you find the best experiences the area has to offer.

The unique nature by the Limfjord welcomes an active holiday. In the region water is always nearby inviting you to all sorts of activities. You will also find many harbors, towns, islands, and beautiful scenery in the region.

The area is filled with experiences for everyone. Find inspiration for activities during your stay on this page. 

Welcome to the Limfjord!

Oyster Safari at Handbjerg Marina

Pluk nogle af verdens bedste østers i Limfjordens udsøgte spisekammer.


Treat yourself with a taste experience from the Limfjord area.  

Unique bike routes

In the Limfjord area you find some of the best scenery for biking. According to experts, the scenery of a perfect bike route should vary every 20th minutes, and most of the routes in our area has that quality.

We have picked out 6 of our best bike routes on this page.

Beautiful hiking routes

We have amazing hiking routes by the Limfjord.

On this page we have picked out 6 routes for you to enjoy nature.

Lad Limfjordens smukke natur overraske dig

Naturen omkring Limfjorden er helt fantastisk med varierende landskab, som er formet af istiden.  


Have a cultural experience by the Limfjord.

Wellness by the Limfjord

Relax your body and mind with a wellness treatment at one of the centres by the beautiful Limfjord.