near Limfjorden

Oysters and clams

Oysters from the Danish Limfjord are known as the best in the entire world.

Due to the low temperature of the water, and the combination of fresh water and salt water the oysters of the Limfjord grow rather slowly. As a result, they are characteristic in taste and consistency making the flat, round shells desired all over the world.  

The Danish oysters are not very salty, but they are characterized by their firm meat. Therefore, the Limfjord oysters are some of the best in the world. At the same time, you can find the invasive Nordsee-Oyster in the fjord, which right now unfortunately threatens the original Limfjord-Oyster. Nevertheless, both types of Oysters are delicate to eat. Please make sure that you eat the oysters under safe circumstances due to the fact that bad oysters with wrong temperatures can cause bad health.

Special restaurants

We have gathered restaurants with a special focus on clams and oysters. 


Visit the oyster bar in Glyngøre, or go to one og the restaurants to enjoy clams or oysters from the Limfjord.