Oyster Week 2018 - a celebration of the finest nordic ingredient

Oyster Trophy Week is a celebration of one of the most delicate and exquisite foods from Denmark and a prominent feature of the rejuvenated Nordic cuisine - oysters from Limfjorden and the Danish Wadden Sea. The events of Oyster Trophy Week are brought to life by FOOD (Food Organisation of Denmark), Enjoy Limfjorden, Nordic Foodworks and Sydvestjyske Smagsoplevelrs.
Oyster Trophy Week kicks off with the traditional arrival of the first oysters from Limfjorden in Copenhagen and contains plenty of opportunities to taste and experience oysters in traditional and modern versions.
cbc dm østersgastronomi

DM in Oyster Gastronomy

Nykøbing Mors – Denmarks Capital of Shellfish - host the first DM in Oyster gastronomy ever.