From the Limfjord areas nature

The products include fish and other seafood in worldclass from the sea and fjord. Oil from rape and even wine is grown and produced in the area around the inlet. In addition, a wide and varied range of meat from outdoor pigs, bison, deer, lamb and poultry, all of which them are nourished and brought up in the fresh and healthy Limfjord nature.


Whether it's heather, blackberries, lamb, apples or fish,. We have the Limfjords good ingredients that make the culinary experience special, and we have the context that makes the experience good.


Try a bike tour on Venø or Fur with picnic a basket filled with local products or buy fresh oysters and clams in Glyngøre.

Northern Europes pantry

Northwest Jutland is called Norther Europes pantry. This is not without reason. Around the Limfjord we have the best and purest ingedients at our fingertips. 


The region's products are sought after by gourmet restaurants from near and far. It is also possible as an individual to taste or buy goodies in some of the districts special shops or farm shops at very reasonable prices.

Festival of senses - Northwest Jutland's largest food market

Discover Northwest Jutland's largest food market - SANS - in the coastal town of Struer with cozy market atmosphere and with lots of the finest ingredients from around the Limfjord region. Meet nationally known celebrities...

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Teaser: Tareq Taylor's Nordic Cookery in the Limfjordregion

The Schnapps Route

Follow the Schnapps Route and embark on a tasteful journey in the Limfjord Land. Find the schnapps herbs, enjoy the schnapps and the good food in the inns and hotels.

All the inns and hotels along the Schnapps Route serve good food with local ingredients. 

In Tareq Taylor's trail

BBC Lifestyle brings Denmark’s delicacies into your home this summer, with four "Nordic Cookery" programmes focusing on traditional Danish food.

In one programme you can follow TV chef Tareq Taylor on his tasty tour of regional dishes and get to know the Limfjord region along the way.

Yummy dishes from Nordic Cookery

See some yummy dishes out of Nordic Cookery in this e-paper.

The Brewery Route

If you follow the Brewery Route, you will pass all of the 12 breweries - and most of them will receive visitors. You can read more about...

ENJOY - Food from the Limfjord

Get inspired by great stories about food and premium ingredients from the Limfjord.