En kongelig affære 14/10

The oysters from the Limfjord have always been interesting, but in earlier days it was only for exceptional people - as an example the king. If one got caught eating oysters, the king ordered the punishmed dead. 

Luckly, it is a long time ago and the 14. October Tambohus is ready to give you a natur and gastronomic experience in beautiful suroundings nead the fjord.   

The day starts with a delicious lunch with local dishes from the Limfjord. Afterwards we go on a oyster safari, and end the trip enjoying the oysters with a glass of bobbles. 


Price: 340 kr.


Place: Tambohus Kro, Tambogade 37, 7790 Thyholm


Ticket: Tambohus Kro: 97875300 or by mail tambohus@tambohus.dk


More information: www.tambohu...