Experience the Limfjord and give in to the beautiful nature and quiet of the Limfjord Land. Go to a festival for the senses, a seal safari or guided walks. Summer by the Limfjord invites you to relax in wonderful scenery and be active in the nature. In this area you find beautiful bike routes, kayak trips, and golf with a view.

Welcome to the Limfjord!


The bike routes in the Limfjord Land are placed in a varied landscape, which makes the area one of Denmark’s best for biking.   


The Limfjord Land is destination for great hiking experiences. Put on your hiking shoes and explore nature.


At our destination  you will find some of the best golf courses in Denmark. We look forward to your visit and we welcome you to a nice golf experience.

Limfjorden - Surfing


In the Limfjord it is possible to experience some of the best waves in the world and have a unique surfing experience.