Inspirations for you and your family

The Limfjord Bicycle Route is 650 kms long and takes you all the way round the Limfjord.

In destination Enjoy Limfjorden you will find some of the best colf courses in Denmark. We look forward to your visit and we welcome you to a nice golf experience.

Limfjorden byder på hele 44 større og små havne og ankerpladser. De er bestemt et besøg værd - både fra vandsiden og fra landsiden. Se beskrivelsen af havnene. 

Throughout the Limfjord on discovery trails

If you follow the Brewery Route, you will pass all of the 12 breweries - and most of them will receive visitors. You can read more about...

Follow the Schnapps Route and embark on a tasteful journey in the Limfjord Land. Find the schnapps herbs, enjoy the schnapps and the good food in the inns and hotels.

All the inns and hotels along the Schnapps Route serve good food with local ingredients. 

Must be experienced

Skilled storytellers will tell about the scenery, history, and culture of the Limfjord Land and about the culinary temptations of the Limfjord. Groups can book their own Limfjord Tale.

Do not forget the sparkling wine

Get inspired by great stories about food and premium ingredients from the Limfjord.